Tohana Master Plan 2031

The objective of the Tohana Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of Tohana Master Plan 2031.


Tohana Master Plan 2031 has been created for Tohana. Tohana is located at 29°43’ north latitudinal and 75° 54’ East longitude at an elevation of 225 meters above mean sea level. Tohana is an old town situated at a distance of 73 kilometers, in the north of Hisar on Jakhal-Jind railway line. Its population decreased from 8950 persons to 7955 persons in 1951, but thereafter rose to 12394 persons by 1961. Decrease during 1941-1951 was mainly due to exodus of the Muslims in 1947. During the same period Hindus from West Pakistan gradually came in and settled at Tohana. Presently, Tohana is a good market of paddy, barely, mustard seeds etc. Tohana is a sub-divisional headquarters. Morphology of the town is marked by narrow lanes, old brick structure, mosques, canals and local depressions which have taken the shape of ponds.

Vision of Tohana Master Plan 2031

To meet the requirement of various socio-economic activities in the town, land is rationally allocated to different land uses taking in account of the nature of town as a whole and the relationship between the places of work, living and recreation. The projected population of Tohana town will be 214200 persons by 2031 AD assuming an average population growth rate of62.46 %. Total land requirement of 4094 acres is proposed to accommodate the population of 214200 persons by 2031 AD with the population density of 52 PPA (130PPH) for different land uses.

Objective of Tohana Master Plan 2031

The total area allocated for residential use is 2116 acres this includes the area of existing town, vacant pockets within Municipal committee limits and area falling in the controlled area. 50 acres land has been proposed for road, transport depots and parking areas in Sector 1. The major road system adopted on a grid iron and radical pattern which integrates well with existing road hierarchy, the Hisar-Tohana-Chandigarh road is scheduled road. An area of 192 acres is earmarked for public and semi public use in sector 2, 9 and 12. An area of 28 acres for park is proposed between railway line and Bhakra main branch and additional approximately 15 acres land is proposed for park in sector 10. The total area under parks and open spaces is reserved 478 acres.

Detailed documentation regarding Tohana’s Master Plan 2031

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Tohana Master Plan 2031

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Tohana Master Plan 2031

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Tohana Master Plan 2031


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