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SADA Doon Valley: SADA Doon Valley is the nodal agency responsible for Doon Valley Region. SADA Doon Valley is located in the middle of the Ganges and Yamuna, is headed by the Dehradun and Tehri districts of the Garhwal division, under the Uttar Pradesh Special Area Development Authority Act 1986, Government Notification No. 198/11-5-1987-59 DA/ 86 dated Corrected on March 11, 1987 and again 3240 / 11-5-88-66 DA/88 dated May 19, 1988. The Development Authority is located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Find Details, Latest News, Updates, Affordable housing schemes, projects being rolled out by SADA Doon Valley here.

SADA Doon Valley Special Area Development Authority Find Address, Info

About SADA Doon Valley (Doon Valley Special Area Development Authority) SADA Doon Valley (Doon Valley Special Area Development Authority) is located in the middle of the...