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RHB Dholpur: RHB Dholpur was formed under a full fledged organization called as Rajasthan Housing Board. RHB Rajasthan was established on 24th February 1970 by promulgation of an RHB Act No. 4, of 1970 by the Government of Rajasthan as an autonomous body to provide for measures to be taken to deal with satisfying the need of Housing accommodation in State of Rajasthan. The Housing Board is located in Dholpur, Rajasthan. Find Details, Latest News, Updates, Affordable housing schemes, projects being rolled out by RHB Dholpur here.

RHB Dholpur, Rajasthan Housing Board Find Address, Phone, Info, Details

About RHB Dholpur (Rajasthan Housing Board) RHB Dholpur (Rajasthan Housing Board) was established on 24th February 1970 by promulgation of an RHB Act No. 4,...