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Puducherry Housing Board: Puducherry Housing Board was constituted under the Pondicherry Housing Board  Act, 1973 (No.7 of 1974) with an avowed object to mitigate the housing shortage by promoting housing and improvement schemes in the Union Territory of Puducherry. Puducherry Housing Board started its functioning from May 1975. Puducherry Housing Board is premier housing agency in the Puducherry Union Territory formed with an aim to provide house to the shelter less poor people. The Housing Board is located in Nellithope, Puducherry. Find Details, Latest News, Updates, Affordable housing schemes, projects being rolled out by Puducherry Housing Board here.

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About PHB Puducherry (Puducherry Housing Board) PHB Puducherry (Puducherry Housing Board) was constituted under a special enactment viz. the Pondicherry Housing Board  Act, 1973 (No.7...