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Gurdaspur is a town in the state of Punjab, situated in the northwest part of the Republic of India, between the rivers Beas and Raavi, 10 km from the international border between India and Pakistan. It houses the administrative headquarters of Gurdaspur District and is in the geographical centre of the district, being situated on the Amritsar – Jammu National Highway, 36 km from Pathankot and 32 km from Batala. Head offices of all district departments are located in Batala and Gurdaspur.

Punjab Govt. To Use “Government e-Marketplace” Central Govt. Portal

Punjab Govt. To Use "Government e-Marketplace" Central Govt. Portal To bring transparency in public procurement, the Punjab government gave its nod to state procurement agencies...

Gurdaspur Master Plan 2031

Gurdaspur Master Plan 2031 has been prepared for Gurdaspur. Gurdaspur Local Planning Area forms part of Gurdaspur district, which is one of the four...