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Ahmedabad Housing Board: Ahmedabad Housing Board was formed under a fully fledged organization called as Gujarat Housing Board. Gujarat Housing Board came into existence on 1st May 1960 as per the Gujarat Housing Board Act, 1961. The main motive of Ahmedabad Housing Board is to serve the housing purposes of the people in order to provide the positions with affordable range for both commercial and residential property with all global standards. The Housing Board is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Find Details, Latest News, Updates, Affordable housing schemes, projects being rolled out by Ahmedabad Housing Board here.

GHB Ahmedabad, Gujarat Housing Board Find Address, Phone, Info

About GHB Ahmedabad (Gujarat Housing Board) GHB Ahmedabad (Gujarat Housing Board) came into existence on 1st May 1960 as a result of bifurcation of Bombay...