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ADA Aizawl: ADA Aizawl was established in the year 2005. ADA Aizawl has been designed to improve the existing situation in planned manner, utilize the urban land in the best manner and acquire the land for urban development residential and commercial schemes. ADA Aizawl shall be a body corporate by the name aforesaid having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire, hold and dispose of property. Find Details, Latest News, Updates, Affordable housing schemes, projects being rolled out by ADA Aizawl here.

ADA Aizawl, Aizawl Development Authority Find Address, Phone, Info

About ADA Aizawl (Aizawl Development Authority) ADA Aizawl (Aizawl Development Authority) was established in the year 2005. Establishment of ADA Aizawl (Aizawl Development Authority)As soon...