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Ad-Badri: Ad-Badri is a forest area and archaeological site in the foothills of Sivalik Hills in bhabar area situated in northern part of Yamunanagar district of north Indian state of Haryana. Ad-Badri is located at a distance of about 42 kilometers from Yamuna Nagar and about 18 kilometers from Bilaspur towards its north. A village link road (Ranjeet Pur- Kathgarh road) connects the place with Bilaspur-Dhanora Road. Find Ad-Badri Master Plans, Ad-Badri Affordable Housing Schemes, Ad-Badri Housing News, Useful & Comprehensive links to Ad-Badri here.

Ad-Badri Master Plan 2031

Ad-Badri Master Plan 2031 has been created for Ad-Badri. Ad-Badri is an ancient Hindu’s Pilgrimage. A pristine temple of Lord Vishnu (Badri Narain) and...