Solapur Master Plan 2041 Report, Solapur Master Plan 2041 Maps, Details

Solapur Master Plan 2041 has been created for Solapur. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Solapur Master Plan 2041.


Solapur Master Plan 2041 has been created for Solapur. Solapur is an important node and plays a critical role in the district as headquarter for district administration. Solapur houses all the administrative offices of the district level administration and has a strong industrial presence. Solapur historically is regarded as an industrial city prominently having the textile units.

Solapur is well connected by neighboring major cities in Maharashtra as well as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The city is connected with Pune through national highway number 9 (NH-9) which also passes through Hyderabad. The urban population of Solapur district is 32.40 percent of which 68 percent (9.51 Lakh) resides in the Solapur Municipal Corporation area.

Vision of Solapur Master Plan 2041

The vision statement of Solapur Master Plan 2041 was framed to balance the competing demands rising from the various sectors as well as from the different stakeholders in the city.

Keeping in view the various economic activities in the city, regional setting with neighboring towns and the existing infrastructure status in the city, the vision for Solapur Master Plan 2041 was framed as;

“To revive the glory of Solapur by developing it into a Responsive Regional

Economic Center”

Development Goals of Solapur Master Plan 2041

Based on the city level assessment and the city vision framing, the wish list of the citizens has been translated into the development goals with specific strategies of the key sectors. The sectors such as water supply, sewerage and sanitation, solid water management, storm water drainage, traffic and transportation, urban poverty and slum improvement, local economic development, urban environment, social infrastructure, and heritage management are covered under the development goals. The development goals have been framed on the basis of priority areas, to achieve the common goals for the city and to meet the desired sector specific service level benchmarks and indicators. Following are the goals of Solapur Master Plan 2041;

  • To provide water supply to all and 24 x 7 water supply with adequate pressure and quality
  • To provide safe and reliable collection, treatment, and reuse/disposal of wastewater towards an environmentally friendly city
  • Provide effective drainage system
  • Efficient integrated solid waste management system and complying the MSW 2000 rules and upcoming
  • To make city a transportation node for the region with efficient road network and safe, reliable public transport system
  • To become a slum-free city by 2031
  • Provide a pollution-free and sustainable living environment to the citizen

Detailed Documentation of Solapur’s Master Plan 2041

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Solapur Master Plan 2041

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Solapur Master Plan 2041

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Solapur Master Plan 2041


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