Siwan Master Plan 2030 Report, Siwan Master Plan 2030 Map & Details

Siwan Master Plan 2030 has been created for Siwan District. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Siwan Master Plan 2030.


Siwan Master Plan 2030 has been created for Siwan. Siwan is the district headquarters of the Siwan district of Bihar and a part of the Siwan C.D. block. It is the 18th most populated town in Bihar and in terms of total area, it ranks 53rd in the list of total 130 towns of Bihar. Siwan had a population of 109,919 as per the Census 2001. The municipal area of Siwan is about 13.05 sq km.

Siwan is well connected with other parts of the State and country as well by road. The distance of Siwan from Patna is 146 km by road. Although, there were no state highway but now some major road construction activities have been taken up.

Vision of Siwan Master Plan 2030

Based on the status assessment of the city, stakeholder consultations and focused group discussions, the vision for Siwan Master Plan 2030 has been derived. For a sustained growth of its economic base and to make the city attractive with improved quality of life, there is a need to position the city in a manner to sustain the level of growth and strengthen response mechanism of the local body. In these lines the following vision for the City has been derived.

 “We would like our city to be clean, green and citizen friendly.

Hence the identified vision forms the basis of sector-specific strategies adopted in framing the action plan.

Growth Strategies of Siwan Master Plan 2030

  • Assure adequate and equitable water supply daily and for reasonable length of time.
  • Provide citywide coverage of sewerage and sanitation system to make it environmentally safe.
  • Establish an effective rain water collection system thereby reducing mixing of rain and sullage water and reducing the incidence of water logging during monsoons.
  • Establish and maintain an effective and sustainable waste management practice in the city.
  • Improve the condition of roads and provide adequate, safe and user friendly public transportation in Siwan.
  • Service provision and universal access to all basic urban services at an affordable cost.

Detailed Documentation of Siwan’s Master Plan 2030

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Siwan Master Plan 2030

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Siwan Master Plan 2030

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Siwan Master Plan 2030


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