Sirsa Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Sirsa Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Sirsa Master Plan 2021.


Sirsa Master Plan 2021 has been created for Sirsa. Sirsa town lies on the National Highway no. 10 i.e. Delhi-Hisar-Sulemanki road. Sirsa is the only important town situated on the extreme west side of Haryana. Its distance by road from other nearest district-headquarter namely Fatehabad(Haryana), Mansa(Punjab), Bhatinda(Punjab) and Ganganagar(Rajasthan) is 41 kilometers, 55 kilometers, 100 kilometers and 190 kilometers respectively. Its hinterland which was inhospitable desert before the advent of “Bhakra Canal System”, has now become the fertile “cotton belt” of Haryana. Recently the importance of this town has been further enhanced due to recent completion of broad gauge railway line in December 1994 as the town has now been integrated with the nationwide broad gauge railway network.

Vision of Sirsa Master Plan 2021

The present trend of industrial growth is on Hisar road. Like other similar towns, this town is also having traditional system of retail and wholesale shops along the main roads, but the development of the new Mandi Township is an integral part of the planned town. The town has shown diversion from the traditional system with the establishment of an independent and full-fledged grain market with modern amenities of Dabwali road. The trend of growth of residential area of the town is mainly along the Barnala road and Begu road.

Objective of Sirsa Master Plan 2021

The extent of various land uses is based upon the following consideration:

  • Due to better employment opportunities the work force percentage to total population will be 33% by the year 2021 A.D.
  • There will be diversification of work force in different sectors of economy but the trade and commerce will continue to dominate. The workers percentage to total work force in the case of trade and commerce and industrial sector has been assumed 30% and 25% respectively.
  • About 40% of the industrial work force will be engaged in household industries and for the remaining 60% industrial work force industrial area has been provided on the basis of 60 workers per hectare.
  • The figure population in the town will be distributed in such a way as to accommodate 90% of population in residential area and 10% in flats of commercial areas.
  • The density of residential sectors will be between 150 to 250 persons per hectare i.e. average density of 200 persons per hectare.

Detailed documentation regarding Sirsa’s Master Plan 2021

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