Sasaram Master Plan 2030 Report, Sasaram Master Plan 2030 Details

Sasaram Master Plan 2030 has been created for Sasaram. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Sasaram Master Plan 2030.


Sasaram Master Plan 2030 has been created for Sasaram. Sasaram is located at 24°57’N and 84°02’E. Sasaram is a town located in western part of Bihar and district head quarter of Rohtas district. It is situated on NH‐2 (Shershah Suri Marg) regionally connected with Delhi at a distance of 925 Kms and with Kolkata at a distance of 537 Kms. Sasaram has a railway station which is located in the centre of the city on the Grand Trunk Road. Sasaram railway station is an important on the Grand Chord Broad Gauge Line of the Eastern Railway and is linked by rail to all the major cities in India.

Sasaram Nagar Parishad spread over an area of 10.9 sq km with a population of 131,172 with a population density of 12034 persons per The trade and commercial activities forms the backbone of Sasaram town and the major commodities handles are Stone Chips, food grains, clothing, ornaments, hardware, building materials, medicines etc. It is because of the location of these economic activities that Sasaram has been serving as the regional service center for its Hinterland and also in Rohtas district.

Sasaram has a rich heritage sites (including Shersah Suri Tomb, a world heritage site) and various historical and important religious places. Bihar Government has also given tourism, the status of an industry. Development works in this pursuit have been undertaken.

Vision of Sasaram Master Plan 2030

The unanimously agreed vision of Sasaram Master Plan 2030 is as under:

“Sasaram is visualized to be tourist destination prominently appearing on the tourism map of the Bihar, with a Regional Service cum commercial Centre with well defined Heritage & leisure destination with thriving sustained economy based on tourism, handloom and allied activities supported by quality all basic physical & social infrastructure for citizenry and visiting tourist.”

Development Strategies of Sasaram Master Plan 2030

  • Promotion of tourism due to presence of number of historical sites specially presence of world heritage sites. In addition to this other historical and religious sites to support the local economy
  • Organized commercial areas (commercial complexes) should be developed in a decentralized manner to decongest the busy streets. This will also meet the higher order commercial needs of the town as a well as its hinterland.
  • More incentives should be given to promote Household industry
  • Provision of Industrial and Export Promotion Zones for enhance trade leading to economic development.
  • New and modern techniques should be introduced in hand embroidery, stone art ware and wood inlay to revive its market and produce quality product to compete with market.
  • Modern communication facilities like internet and e‐marketing should be made available and common facility centers and R& D Centers should be developed for household industries to tap the market opportunities
  • Agricultural produce processing units (Agro based Industries) may be encouraged to get established in organized sector with all infrastructural facilities
  • Industrial promotion zone to be developed at appropriate sites to promote household industries
  • Private Participation should be promoted in developing commercial and industrial areas.

Detailed Documentation of Sasaram Master Plan 2030

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Sasaram Master Plan 2030

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Sasaram Master Plan 2030

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Sasaram Master Plan 2030


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