Port Blair Master Plan 2030

Port Blair Master Plan 2030 has been created for Port Blair District. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Port Blair Master Plan 2030.


Port Blair Master Plan 2030 has been created for Port Blair. Port Blair with its population of 99,984 as of 2011 census and extending over an area of 17.74 sq.km exhibit signs of haphazard development along with problems of urbanization. The emergence of Port Blair and the surrounding islands as a tourist spot, coupled with all issues and challenges of the ecologically fragile environment throws many challenges for future development hence the need for Port Blair Master Plan 2030.

Emerald Islands more popularly known as Andaman and Nicobar Islands on the eastern side of India has a history dating back to 2nd century A.D., as a land of primitive tribes. These islands played a major role during the colonial periods of Indian history. What started as a penal settlement before India’s independence, these islands witnessed urbanization with tribes, islanders, patriots and settlers from the mainland. The earliest and fastest growing settlement in these islands Port Blair, named after the British Colonel, serves as the catalyst for the growth of the islands.

The need of the hour for Port Blair Town is to control haphazard developments, reduce traffic congestion and prevent incompatible land use without disturbing the ecological footprint and encouraging the growth in an orderly and sustainable manner. This can be done only when a statutory instrument like Port Blair Master Plan 2030 is prepared. As per the ‘Andaman & Nicobar Islands Town and Country Planning Regulation, 1994’ no development of land shall be undertaken or carried out in any development area by any person or body (including a department of Government or the Administration) unless permission for such development has been obtained in writing from the Town Planner.

Vision of Port Blair Master Plan 2030

Port Blair Master Plan 2030 is aimed to develop Port Blair and its environs into a progressively self-sustaining community, with socio-economic development and enhancement in quality life keeping in view of its ecologically fragile environment. In order to achieve the said aim, the Master Plan identifies the following objectives for realization.

  • To regulate new physical entities and activities in an orderly manner
  • To promote a self-reliant and inclusive development
  • To achieve balanced economic progress through optimal use of resources
  • To encourage orderly spatial development in tune with the ecological footprint and carrying capacity of the islands.

The strength and opportunities of Port Blair and its environs include:

  • Large endowment of untapped resources like Tourism, Fishing and Forestry
  • Opportunity for mobilization of financial resources required for development works
  • High literacy rate and high per capita income
  • Potential for medicinal plants, spices, coconut and flora of ethnic communities.

Detailed Documentation of Port Blair’s Master Plan 2030

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Port Blair Master Plan 2030

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Port Blair Master Plan 2030

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Port Blair Master Plan 2030


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