Phusro Master Plan 2041 Report, Phusro Master Plan 2041 Map, Details

The objective of the Phusro Master Plan 2041 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Phusro Master Plan 2041.


Phusro Master Plan 2041 has been created for Phusro. Phusro is located in Bokaro District; its co-ordinates of extent are latitude 23°29’ to 23° 46’ north and longitude 86° 09’ to 85° 59’ east. It is situated the banks of River Damodar, which flows along its southern end. The ‘Grand Trunk Road’ passes through the northern part of the district, which connects the northern India with the Eastern. Phusro is regionally linked by road to other urban areas by NH-23 to Bokaro Steel City and further to state Capital Ranchi; in the south east towards Jaspur in Chhattisgarh through NH-78.  The bus services connect Phusro to nearby and important cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh, etc.

Vision of Phusro Master Plan 2041

As per powers inherited by the Act JMA-2011, State Government has appointed the Consultant to prepare the GIS based Master Plan / Zonal Development Plan for Phusro Nagar Parishad. As per the further proceedings it has been agreed in the meeting dated 9/11/2016 under the chairmanship of principal secretary, UDHD, Jharkhand at premise of UDHD, Ranchi, it has been decided that Under subject of Preparation of Master Plan for Phusro Municipal Council (Group ‘A’), The Master Plan Planning Area, 2041would be considered as “The Consultant has to take double the area of administrative area of respective ULBs in the Master Plan. The double area has to be decided based upon the present growth pattern and the geographical condition of the respective ULBs”.

Objective of Phusro Master Plan 2041

The Planning area shall be divided in various zones as per existing land use characteristics of the area. Zone shall contain unique feature as per the prominent activities in its. The Use zones shall be the land pockets where development control shall be regulated as per list of activities permitted, restricted and prohibited to retain the characteristic of the zone as it is been planned. For planning purpose, total planning area has been divided in 16 planning units, which are further classified in 4 planning zones. Each planning zones has 4 no of planning units of similar characteristics.

Detailed documentation regarding Phusro’s Master Plan 2041

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Phusro Master Plan 2041

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Phusro Master Plan 2041

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Phusro Master Plan 2041


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