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NIT Nagpur or Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nagpur is responsible for overall development for Nagpur district.


About Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nagpur (NIT Nagpur)

NIT Nagpur or Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nagpur is a local civic government body with the task of developing new areas within city limits of Nagpur, India and maintaining existing city infrastructure. Trust works along with Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) which is an elected body of city representatives (Corporator). NIT itself is not a democratically elected civic body and has members appointed in it from various levels like Government of Maharashtra, NMC and other representatives of Nagpur city. NIT thus has a small management body as compared to NMC.

NIT holds the planning and development authority for Nagpur city but does not receive any funds from state government. Funds needed for development work is raised by NIT through the auction of newly developed areas. NIT has played a major role in the expansion and maintaining Nagpur in its past its 65+ years of work. However, the existence of NIT alongside NMC has been criticized several times as a violation of constitution of India.

Several Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and former Governor of Maharashtra tried to abolish this agency but did not succeed. NIT has also faced criticism from those farmers which had to hand over their lands as per NIT directives and urban land ceiling act. Nagpur is an important city in central India and during days of British Raj two separate committees were formed to look after city’s development. The Nagpur Municipal Committee was established in 1864. The Civil Station Sub-Committee was established in 1884. In 1928, the Municipal Committee passed a resolution for creating an “Improvement Trust” for Nagpur which was established in 1937 under the Nagpur Improvement Trust Act, 1936.

NIT began functioning in 1937 and has collateral jurisdiction over the areas within the limits of the town wherever schemes are prepared by the trust and approved by the government. Later with creation of Maharashtra, Nagpur became part of Maharashtra state. A new branch office of this department came into existence at Nagpur for the four districts of Nagpur, Chandrapur, Wardha and Bhandara.

Objectives of Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nagpur (NIT Nagpur)

  • Carrying out integrated planning and physical development of declared urban areas.
  • Formulating and submitting development plans, including capital investment plans.
  • Undertaking the execution of development projects and schemes.
  • Formulating and implementing urban land use policy.
  • Developing environmental standards and preparing schemes for the environmental improvement of urban areas.
  • Providing technical planning services.
  • Preparation and implementation of regional Plans, Master plans, New township Plans and Town Improvement Schemes.
  • Promoting research and development of new techniques in City planning, Urban Development and Housing Construction.
  • To promote and secure better planning and development of the state.

In order to achieve its objectives, NIT Nagpur operational frame work and area of focus revolves around:

  • Creating affordable housing using environment-friendly building materials and cost-effective building technologies.
  • Creating self-contained and self-sustaining residential complexes in the shape of Urban Estate/Integrated Townships.
  • Undertaking projects which focus on promoting urban development, developing commercial complexes, creating state-of-the art infrastructure.
  • Optimum utilization of vacant government lands to generate additional resources for the State government for financing city redevelopment, regeneration and other infrastructural development.
  • Create ethos of conversation to enhance overall development in the state.

Contact Details & More Information for Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nagpur (NIT Nagpur)

Link to the Nagpur’s Improvement Trust Website

Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nagpur

Address: Opposite NIT swimming pool, North Ambazari Road, Near Dharmapeth Science College, Nagpur, Maharashtra-440010.

Phone No: 0712-2531431/432

Fax No: 0712-2531079

Email Address:



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