Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031

Nawanshahr Master Plan has been created for Nawanshahr. The objective of the Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial land use planning framework to achieve the Vision of LPA, Nawanshahr.


Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031 has been created for Nawanshahr. LPA Nawanshahr lies between 310-05’ and 310-15′ north latitude and 750-45′ and 760-30′ east longitude in Doaba Region of South Western Punjab. It is surrounded by Ludhiana District on the south, Rupnagar District on the south and east, Hoshiarpur District on the north and the Kapurthala District on the north western side and the River Satluj forms its southern boundary. The Headquarter of the district administration is located in Nawanshahr town. Jaijon Doaba line of the Northern Railway passes through this town which is 58 Km from Jalandhar city. It is directly connected by road with Chandigarh (98 km), Phillaur (45 km) and Phagwara (37 km).

Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031 LPA

As a first step towards the preparation of Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031, Local Planning Area (LPA) Nawanshahr, has been delineated and notified U/S 56(1) of “The Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act (Amended), 2006” in the official gazette vide Notification No. 12/16/2008-4HG1/6062 dated 11.09.2008 and Notification No. 12/16/08-4HG1/2871 dated 31-08-2010. The LPA of Nawanshahr includes Nawanshahr M.C. along with 29 villages of district Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. The total area of LPA is 8675 hectares (86.75 sq kms). The detail of areas and population of LPA Nawanshahr has been detailed out in Annexure III while the schedule of boundary has been detailed out in Drawing No. DTP (J) 15/2010 dated 30-04-2010.

Vision Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031

To transform ‘NAWANSHAHR TOWN’ into an administrative, economic and service centre of Doaba sub region by providing high quality physical and social infrastructure to all its citizens in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable manner.

The objective of the Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial Land Use Planning framework to achieve the Vision of LPA, Nawanshahr. More specifically, the following are the objectives of Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031:

  • To make Nawanshahr town as the most vibrant administrative and economic center to promote the balanced regional growth.
  • To make land allocation in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • To provide better quality of life by minimizing haphazard, unplanned and sub – standard growth and development within LPA and to promote planned growth in order to maintain healthy living environment.
  • To effectively manage the traffic and transportation within the town through the mechanism of rationalizing the land use pattern defined in the Master Plan.
  • To make land available for public purposes.
  • To minimize travel within the town by creating self-contained and self-sufficient communities.
  • Adequate parking spaces to be created in the town as an integral part of commercial, industrial and institutional planning and development process.
  • To strengthen the basic infrastructure favorable for Agro based industries.
  • To rationalize the distribution of physical and social infrastructure in order to have better reach and to ensure appropriate quality of life to all the residents of the town.
  • To optimize the use of available land resource through well-defined development norms.

Detailed documentation regarding Nawanshahr’s Master Plan 2031

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Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031

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Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031

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Nawanshahr Master Plan 2031


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