Nagpur Master Plan 2041 Report, Nagpur Master Plan 2041 Map & Detail

Nagpur Master Plan 2041 has been created for Nagpur. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Nagpur Master Plan 2041.


Nagpur Master Plan 2041 has been created for Nagpur. Nagpur derived its name from the Nag River or Nag people and is known since prehistoric times. Nagpur is seen as one of the rapidly developing central India’s metro city2 and also ranks third in the list of the urban centres in the state of Maharashtra. Nagpur enjoys the privilege of being termed as the richest city, greenest city, city with latent potential, hub of health care industry in the state, tiger capital of the country, etc.

Nagpur is famous for the Nagpur Orange and is known as the “Orange City” for being a major trade centre of oranges cultivated in the region. The Jawaharlal market yard in the city is the major market for Oranges in Nagpur. The yard is run by Agricultural Produce Market Committee of Nagpur. The Shanichara bazar is the other famous market place for Oranges.

Nagpur is situated in the eastern part of Maharashtra. The city is located between 78°30‟ to 79°30‟E and 20°30‟ to 21°45‟N latitude. Nagpur is situated at an altitude 310.5 m above mean sea level. The population of the study area as per the 2011 census is about 24.48 Lakhs.

Vision of Nagpur Master Plan 2041

Even in terms of infrastructure development, only in two sectors, serious efforts were made to augment the water supply system and improve the traffic and transportation system. In order to achieve the vision defined in the 2006 City Development Plan which focused on providing a good quality of life to the citizens of Nagpur, still a lot needs to be achieved. And also, investment carried out during 2006-12 amounted to only 26% of the total identified investment.

Based on the past efforts of NMC and improvement interventions required in other sectors like sewerage, urban transport, SWD, SWM, and social infrastructure, and to ensure a good quality of life, the following city vision has been adopted for Nagpur Master Plan 2041.

“The Growth Nucleus of Central India”

“An eco-city that provides adequate, equitable, sustainable access to urban services for all citizens”

“A city that is safe, livable and promotes growth of its citizens”

Goals of Nagpur Master Plan 2041

Same sector vision has been considered for the purpose of developing projects, estimating the investment and formulating the strategies for various sectors till the horizon year 2041. Sector vision of Nagpur Master Plan 2041 is mentioned as under:

  • Water for all and 24 x 7 water supplies along with safe, equity, reliability
  • 100% coverage of sewerage collection and treatment of wastewater
  • Clean City and Bin-Free City
  • Eradication of preventive diseases and making Nagpur a medical service hub
  • Provision of better education through use of new technology and well trained teachers
  • Clean and Green City
  • Access to basic services to all urban poor

 Detailed Documentation of Nagpur’s Master Plan 2041

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Nagpur Master Plan 2041

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Nagpur Master Plan 2041


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