Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031

Mandigobindgarh Master Plan 2031 has been created for Mandigobindgarh.


Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031 has been created for Mandi Gobindgarh. Gobindgarh town at a distance of 15 km. from Fatehgarh Sahib district headquarter is strategically located on Ambala-Ludhiana National Highway no.1 and thus is well connected through road linkages to other important towns/cities. The town lies at 30°-40‟ north latitude and 70°-18‟ east longitude. The town has railway station on Delhi-Amritsar broad-gauge double railway line thereby connecting major cities of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

Gobindgarh town, one of the most flourishing industrial towns in the state of Punjab is very rightly named as the “Brimingham of Punjab”. On account of its historical origin as a hub of steel industry & deriving further impetus from governmental incentives, it has witnessed substantial and unregulated industrial growth beyond its municipal limits.

Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031 LPA

Therefore, recognizing the immediate need for regulating the development in its catchment/ influence area, Govt. of Punjab initially declared the L.P.A. Gobindgarh on 29.1.08 and subsequently amended the boundaries of L.P.A. Gobindgarh on 10.8.09 besides designation of the Chief Town Planner, Punjab as the Planning agency for preparation of the Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031 of L.P.A. Gobindgarh. The L.P.A. Gobindgarh comprising of category II Gobindgarh town having Type a municipal status along with adjoining 53 villages covers an area of 13832 hectares. as per revenue record out of which 9 sq. km. is municipal area and the remaining is rural. According to 2001 census the total population of L.P.A. Gobindgarh was 1, 18,796 out of which 60677 was urban.

Vision Mandigobindgarh Master Plan 2031

To retain the existing character of Gobindgarh town with its predominant economic base as industrial along with almost at par development of residential use by augmenting regional connectivity and enhanced quality of life through improved physical and social infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Keeping in view the planning problems elaborated earlier, the town needs proper planning so that these problems are well taken care of and fulfill the following objectives:-

  • Planning of Local Planning Area is planned as an integrated single entity as an integrated single entity for Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031.
  • To co-relate the growth trends within Local Planning Area with the growth trends development proposals of the adjoining Local Planning Areas.
  • To develop the economic base of the town by providing planned industrial area and improved organized commercial centre at the sectoral level.
  • To achieve improved hygienic & sanitary conditions by providing a proper system of sewerage, surface drainage and better drinking water facilities in the town.
  • To achieve balanced development of Social, Cultural-Recreational amenities & other public facilities through provision of planned parks, open spaces, playgrounds; social & cultural centres etc. to meet the needs of the population, both at Sector & City level.
  • To increase the accessibility of the area to the region.
  • To make the town development self financing.
  • To effect minimum dislocation of people and their activities.
  • To make land allocation in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • To make land available for public purpose.
  • Other objectives related to urban management, urban finance and local economic development etc. are outside the scope of Master Plan and hence not deliberated because the scope of master plan is confined to the broad proposals and allocation of land for various uses such as residential, industrial, commercial, recreational, public and semi-public etc.

Detailed documentation regarding Mandi Gobindgarh’s Master Plan 2031

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Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031

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Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031

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Mandi Gobindgarh Master Plan 2031


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