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Lucknow Master Plan 2021 has been created for Lucknow district. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Lucknow Master Plan 2031.


Lucknow Master Plan 2021 has been created for Lucknow District. Lucknow is the capital of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh and is situated about 500 km southeast of New Delhi in the heart of the state. Lucknow city has a humid subtropical climate with a cool dry winter from December to February and a hot summer from April to June. The temperature extremes vary from about 45 degrees Celsius in the summer to 3 degrees Celsius in the winter. Lucknow city receives about 100 cm of annual rainfall mostly from the southwest monsoons between July and September.

The city lies at an average altitude of 110 meters above mean sea level and generally slopes to the east. Lateral slopes are towards the River Gomti, which flows from north-west to south-east through the heart of the city, dividing it into the Trans-Gomti and Cis-Gomti regions. The more densely populated areas of the city are on the southern bank of the River Gomti and several planned residential colonies have been developed to the north of the River. Lucknow is known for its cultural heritage.

Vision Lucknow Master Plan 2021

One of the five most liveable cities in India where every citizen enjoys a high quality of life and access to basic services and amenities, and where local culture, crafts and heritage are preserved and promoted. A city with a dynamic economy driven by service sectors such as knowledge-based education, health, tourism, and information technology that provides opportunities for all and makes it an attractive investment destination. The following vision has been created as a part of Lucknow Master Plan 2021.

Objectives of Lucknow Master Plan 2021

Economy and Business Group

  • A major ‘knowledge economy’ in India with very significant investments in IT, ITES, biotechnology, scientific research and medical tourism; having world class educational infrastructure and producing top-quality ‘knowledge professionals’.
  • Among the top seven tourist destinations in India by positioning Awadh as a premier Nawabi and Raj heritage hub with a distinctive culture, food, arts and craft.
  • Among the top five liveable cities in India in terms of quality of life and human development leading to the sustained delight of citizens as well as visitors and investors from across the globe.

Water Supply

  • To ensure that every citizen is receiving a 24×7 supply through a network that is efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

Sewerage and Sanitation

  • To ensure that the city is served by an efficient sewerage system, that there is an organized solid waste management system including sanitary disposal, the people have access to hygienic public conveniences and Haider Canal is well maintained.

Urban Transportation

  • To ensure that the city has an efficient road network with flyovers and subways at congestion points and served by an efficient public transport system that is multi modal and connects all parts of the city.


  • To maintain Lucknow as a city of parks where the environment is clean and the air is sustained through the use of CNG fuel.


  • To revive the lost glory of heritage zones like Kaiserbagh, Hussainabad and La Martiniere including Hazratganj, Residency, Chowk, Dilkhusha, for the benefit of the city and the country culturally, and as a core ingredient of a vibrant tourism sector.
  • Among the top tourist destinations in India by positioning Lucknow as a major Nawabi and Raj heritage hub that provides a holistic tourist experience through skilful amalgamation of historic monuments, culture, food and crafts.

Basic Services for the Poor

  • To make Lucknow a city where there are no families living below the poverty line, and where all residents have access to affordable and reliable basic services.


  • To make Lucknow a ‘wired city’ with a sustainable e-governance system for citizen services.

Detailed documentation regarding Lucknow’s Master Plan 2021

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Lucknow Master Plan 2021

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Lucknow Master Plan 2021

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Lucknow Master Plan 2021


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