Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030 Report, Kalinga Nagar Master Plan Map

Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030 has been created for Kalinga Nagar. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030.


Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030 has been created for Kalinga Nagar. Kalinga Nagar is a planned industrial and modern town in Jajpur district of coastal Odisha, India. Kalinga Nagar is a major industrial center of Odisha. Kalinga Nagar is a geographical unit consisting of a compact landmass of Danagadi and Sukinda Blocks of Jajpur district of Odisha, India. Kalinga Nagar is neither a village nor a town. This is a name given to a geographical area by Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) where the Govt. of Odisha aims at developing a steel-producers-hub.

The district headquarters of Kalinga Nagar is at Jajpur Town and the nearest rail station is Jajpur-Keonjhar Road. Kalinga Nagar is located closer to Bhubaneswar, nearly 100 km, which is the state capital of Odisha. Kalinga Nagar is situated in Jajpur District of Odisha, India. Kalinga Nagar comprises Byasanagar Municipality, Danagadi block. Kalinga Nagar is located at latitude 200 45’ N and longitude 850 50’ E. Kalinga Nagar has an average elevation of 51 m (167 ft) above mean sea level. As per the Census India 2011, Kalinga Nagar had a population of 49,415 of which 25,061 are males and 24,354 are females.

Proposals of Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030

  • As per projection, about 107800 houses will be required by 2031. A total of 94,571 new houses will be required in Kalinga Nagar by 2030.
  • Thus, per year, on an average, 4,728 new houses are required to be constructed in Kalinga Nagar to meet the above requirement.
  • It is suggested to construct at least 32,340 EWS houses in Kalinga Nagar for the urban poor.
  • To develop integrated residential townships in Kalinga Nagar for providing quality housing to all categories and industrial workers.
  • The plan also proposes to adopt all the aspects of State policy on affordable housing in Kalinga Nagar.
  • The plan also strongly recommends for undertaking re-densification schemes in Kalinga Nagar of existing settlements.
  • To develop vertical and compact growth in Kalinga Nagar.
  • To facilitate participation of private stakeholders in housing sectors so that adequate housing is created with the pace of development in Kalinga Nagar.
  • Surplus fund to be generated from Town Planning Schemes, Development of residential townships etc to create a revolving Development Fund in Kalinga Nagar.
  • It is proposed that 64,680 housing units of EWS and LIG category are to be built in Kalinga Nagar as per standards and norms of State Slum policy to provide housing to all slum families by 2030.

Vision of Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030

  • To bring planned development along with a well integrated urban development in Kalinga Nagar.
  • To develop Kalinagar Nagar into an efficient transport communication system, with appropriate road network system matching with the future developed and same shall be connected through road linkages so as to have wider communication system for the future of Kalinga Nagar.
  • With appropriate planning intervention, it is proposed to develop Kalinga Nagar into a green city having adequate plantations of required species so that the pollution load is minimized to a great extend and the ecology is preserved.
  • Steps to be taken to have a definite housing policy for providing housing to all categories in Kalinga Nagar.
  • To take definite planned action in the light of the state slum policy to make Kalinga Nagar a Slum-free city in future.
  • To create adequate parking facilities in Kalinga Nagar for all types of vehicles along major roads so that haphazard parking on roads are minimized.
  • Also separate parking facilities are to be created for heavy vehicles and transport vehicles in the outskirts of Kalinga Nagar to develop it into a free core city.
  • Facilities like storage yards, logistic hobs, truck terminals, regional bus stations are to be provided in Kalinga Nagar.
  • Residential colonies are to be planned and different civil townships are to be developed in the area to have high order quality of life in Kalinga Nagar.
  • Kalinga Nagar will also function as an important hob of education center in future.
  • Adequate facilities for improving the educational requirement of Kalinga Nagar have to be provided.
  • Modern health complex are to be developed for meeting of requirements of the people in Kalinga Nagar.
  • Cultural centers, recreational activities, tourism are also to be given due importance to bring dynamic culture transformation in Kalinga Nagar.
  • While bringing such development due care is to be taken to bring progressive economic change in terms of industrial activity, IT activity and Business centers etc.
  • Since Kalinga Nagar Development Authority has played as an important center of trade activity, definite trade centers, malls, shopping complexes are to be developed in Kalinga Nagar.
  • Institutional structure shall be revamped to handle the future urban planning of Kalinga Nagar.

Detailed Documentation regarding Kalinga Nagar’s Master Plan 2030

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Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030

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Kalinga Nagar Master Plan 2030



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