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Jhajjar Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Jhajjar Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve vision of Jhajjar Master Plan 2021.

Jhajjar Master Plan 2021

Jhajjar Master Plan 2021 has been created for Jhajjar. The newly created district headquarter of Jhajjar town, presently, located in one of the backward areas of Haryana State is expecting good potentials for its development in future, as the said town is a part of National Capital Region (N.C.R.). The economy of Jhajjar town and its hinterland is likely to get great boost with the construction of railway line proposed in the Regional Plan of National Capital Region between Rohtak and Rewari towns as well as development of the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) expressway in the territory of Haryana which passes through Jhajjar district. Approval of the Rohtak- Jhajjar- Rewari broad gauge railway segment has created high potential for development in this town is located at 760-40′ East longitude 280-37′ North latitude at an elevation of 214 meters from Mean Sea Level area.

Vision of Jhajjar Master Plan 2021

The Draft Development Plan was published on 30th September 2003 vide Haryana Government, Town and Country Planning Department notification No. CCP (NCR) / JCA- 2 / 2003 / 2139, dated the 22nd September, 2003 for 1 lac projected population. The National Capital Region, Regional Plan 2021 AD proposes 78,757 population for Jhajjar. Although the location of this district headquarter i.e. Jhajjar town is on the cross roads of NationalHighway 71 and various state highways but coming up of the Rohtak- Jhajjar- Rewari broad gauge Regional Rail Network alignment towards west (which approved in 2006 by the Railway authorities), development of Kundli- Manesar- Palwal (KMP) Western Periphery Expressway in the close vicinity (approximately15 kilometers away) towards east to this district , Four laning of Rewari – Jhajjar – Rohtak- (National Highway 71); widening of the state highways linking Jhajjar with Bahadurgarh, Badli, Gurgaon, Dadri, Beri, sampla etc has increased connectivity and leads to infer that Jhajjar has high potentials for industrial and urban development through induced growth. New railway alignment and development of the temporary bye-pass over the western flood protection bundh of Jhajjar town has caused to take spatial planning measures towards west and south beyond the bundh to control the haphazard and unplanned development.

Objective of Jhajjar Master Plan 2021

The Controlled area around the town was declared under section 4 of the Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Areas Restriction of Unregulated Development Act,1963 (Punjab Act 41 of 1963) vide Haryana Government, Town and Country Planning Department Notification No. 260-10-DP 82/4784, dated the 26th March, 1982 which was published on 18th May 1982. But the town, in the year 1997, has been upgraded from Sub-Divisional Headquarter to district Headquarter as Jhajjar, has been carved out as one of the new Districts of Haryana. Hence town gained administrative infrastructure now. Therefore, it is quite important and necessary to revised Draft Development Plan for its orderly development. Hence, Jhajjar Master Plan 2021 has been created.

Detailed documentation regarding Jhajjar’s Master Plan 2021

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