Jammu Master Plan 2032 Report, Jammu Master Plan 2032 Map, Details

The objective of Jammu Master Plan 2032 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Jammu Master Plan 2032.


Jammu Master Plan 2032 has been created for Jammu. Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost State of the Union of India. Situated amidst the Himalayan mountains, it shares borders with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south; and internationally with the People’s Republic of China to the North and East; and the Pakistan-administered territories of Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan to the West and Northwest respectively. The State has unique natural features like the rivers, lakes, glaciers, plateaus and valleys. In the State, Jammu and Srinagar are the two main capital cities— while Srinagar is the Summer Capital, Jammu is the winter Capital of the State.

Vision of Jammu Master Plan 2032

With rapid pace of urbanization and development of economic activities in Jammu, the city’s influence has been increasing in range and impact. Growth of Jammu Urban Agglomeration (7.05 lac) has been very fast which can be adjudged from the trend of decadal change in the urban population in its adjoining tehsils. Many villages in Bishnah, Samba, RS Pura and Jammu tehsils have already been engulfed by the sprawl of Jammu city. In view of the large horizon period (2015-32), the projected population growth cannot be limited to the existing boundaries; hence the scope of this Master Plan is extended beyond existing limits to contiguous areas of Jammu, Bishnah, Samba and RS Pura tehsils. Keeping this in view, the Metropolitan limits of Greater Jammu have been identified and are proposed to be notified as ―Jammu Metropolitan Region (JMR)‖— extended as per the Revised Master Plan Jammu from 340 sq. km. to 652.33 sq. km and Jammu Development Authority to be upgraded and re-designated as Jammu Metropolitan Region Development Authority (JMRDA). The proposed JMR spreading over an area of 652.33 sq. km includes 309.53 sq. km of Developed Area (47.5%) and 342.80 sq. km of Undeveloped Area (52.5%). km to include in whole the Municipal Corporation of Jammu, Municipal Committees of Ghomanhasan in Jammu Tehsil, Bishnah in Bishnah Tehsil, Bari Brahmana and Vijaypur in Samba Tehsil, 18 urban villages (outgrowths) in Jammu Tehsil and as many as 260 urban villages in Jammu, Bishnah, Samba, R.S. Pura tehsils of Jammu District and Samba District.

Objective of Jammu Master Plan 2032

The primary objective of the Jammu Master Plan 2032 is to develop spatial decision framework, which can support urban and economic growth with adequate infrastructure development, in conformity with existing natural resources, land utilization and ecological aspects. The specific objectives of the study are to:

  • Carry out existing situation analysis and prepare a base map for the planning area
  • Prepare the Revised Master Plan for the Jammu Metropolitan Region
  • Formulate Development Control Regulations
  • Prepare project implementation strategies

Detailed documentation regarding Jammu’s Master Plan 2032

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Jammu Master Plan 2032

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Jammu Master Plan 2032

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Jammu Master Plan 2032


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