Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031

Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031 has been created for Hoshiarpur district. Hoshiarpur is located in the north-east part of the Indian state of Punjab.


Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031 has been created for Hoshiarpur district. Hoshiarpur is located in the north-east part of the Indian state of Punjab. It falls in the Jalandhar Revenue Division and is situated in the Bist Doab portion of the Doaba region. Hoshiarpur shares a common boundary with Kangra and Una districts of Himachal Pradesh in the north east. In the southwest, it borders the Jalandhar and Kapurthala districts of Punjab and in the northwest it borders Gurdaspur District of Punjab.

Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031 LPA

As a first step towards the preparation of Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031, Local Planning Area has been delineated and notified u/s 56(1) of “The Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development (Amendment) Act, 2006” in the official gazette. The Local Planning Area Hoshiarpur for Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031 was notified vide notification No. 12/75/2006/4 HG1/4385 dated 07.07.2008 No of villages includes are 29 villages. Total area 10118 hectare shown on the Drawing No. DTP (H) 96/2008 dated 04.01.2008.

Vision of Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031

Hoshiarpur town after partition has recorded a phenomenal increase in population as well as in physical growth. At the time of partition of the country, a large number of refugees from Pakistan were rehabilitated in this town as a result of which new industrial and commercial activities were started. With the passage of time, people from other parts of the state also came to this town in search of employment and ultimately settled in this town.

In order to come with increasing demand for housing, water supply, sewer, education, health, shopping etc., new areas was developed. Although in the initial stages, a few planned colonies like Urban Estates, Model Town, Development Schemes by Improvement Trust and a few industrial focal points were planned by the Govt. But this development was not sufficient to bear the load of population pressure and subsequently a large number of unplanned colonies came to be set up. This not only resulted in the haphazard growth of the town but also lacked proper road network, parks and open spaces, spaces for education, health and other social infrastructure. A number of areas were devoid of potable water supply and sewerage facilities etc. The town also lacked planned shopping centers with organized parking. Consequently, this gave birth to mushrooming of commercial activities along the frontage of important roads/streets and the traditional bazaars came to be set up without adequate parking and loading and unloading facilities. Furthermore, the new industrial area also came up in an unplanned manner without required industrial infrastructure.

The area of present Hoshiarpur District was also part of Indus Valley Civilization. Recent excavations at various sites in the district have revealed that the entire area near the Shiwalik foothills was selected for habitation. And this was not only by the early Paleolithic man but also by those in the prehistoric and historic periods. In the explorations, seven early Stone Age sited a Atbarapur, Rehmanpur and Takhni, 30-40 km north of Hoshiarpur District in the foothills of Shiwalik, have been discovered where the stone artifacts have been found.

Following objectives have been kept in mind while preparing Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031.

  • Developing the town of Hoshiarpur in the light of its heritage and glorious past.
  • Preserving natural resources to achieve a more wholesome vibrant and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Introducing critical strategic economic growth initiatives including Agro based Industries.
  • Promoting a comprehensive planned township that will enhance quality living, ensuring accessibility and managing overall growth.
  • The key development strategies shall includes all the important place of interest in the nearby areas.
  • Safeguarding and providing land for development to meet all needs.
  • Encouraging sustainable economic growth and coordinating infrastructural development; Enhancing the quality of life; Live, Work, Learn and play.

Detailed official documentation regarding Hoshiarpur’s Master Plan 2031

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Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031

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Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031

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Hoshiarpur Master Plan 2031



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