Giridih Master Plan 2040 Report, Giridih Master Plan 2040 Map, Details

The objective of the Giridih Master Plan 2040 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning frame work to achieve the vision of Giridih Master Plan 2040.


Giridih Master Plan 2040 has been created for Giridih. Giridih is the headquarters of the Giridih district. The literal meaning of Giridih is the “land of hills & hillocks” – “giri”, a Hindi word, means hills and “dih”, another word of the local dialect and indicates upland. Giridih is located at 24.18° North Latitude and 86.3° East Longitude. It has an average elevation of 289 metres (948 ft). Lying almost in the central part of the North Chota Nagpur Division, this district is bounded by Jamui District and part of Nawada district of Bihar in the north, by the districts of Deoghar and Jamtara on the east, by Dhanbad District and Bokaro District on the south and west by districts of Hazaribagh and Koderma.

Vision of Giridih Master Plan 2040

The vision statement for the development of any place/region becomes very much important since it helps in visualization of where and how one wants the city to be in the coming years. It should be carefully carved out and should encompass the aspirations of its local people and various other stakeholders involved directly or indirectly in the development process. The Master Plan for the Giridih Area has evolved from a comprehensive understanding of the existing situation, land utilization pattern, land suitability & potential analysis, and population projections carried out for the area. The process so far has involved an exploration of several alternatives, for each of which, certain principles, laid down with a view to achieving the vision for the project area, have been primary guiding factors. While the conceptual studies may differ in their design, the approach and underlying concerns, as briefly stated below, are the same.

Objective of Giridih Master Plan 2040

The vision perceived is further enumerated in the following specific development objectives:

  • To develop Giridih as a ‘Commercial Growth Centre’ and an ‘Industrial and Mining Hub’
  • To promote religious tourism activities and provide necessary tourism infrastructure.
  • To strengthen the economic base and generate employment opportunities through optimum utilization of available resources and through creation of dry dock
  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and social facilities so as to enhance the quality of life of the local people and attract more tourists
  • To create effective implementation strategies that promotes equitable & inclusive development

Detailed documentation regarding Giridih’s Master Plan 2040

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Giridih Master Plan 2040

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Giridih Master Plan 2040

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Giridih Master Plan 2040


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