Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve the vision of Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021.


Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021 has been created for Ferozpur Jhirka. Ferozpur Jhirka town is situated on Gurugram-Alwar State Highway at a distance of 82 kilometers from Gurugram and 42 kilometers from Nuh. The town is the tehsil head quarter of newly formulated Mewat district. Though the town is having a favourable location being on Gurugram-Alwar Highway, yet it is not served with rail transport. The town, being a small one does not seem to have a bigger regional influence zone.

The town is said to have been founded by Feroz Shah Tughluq as a military post for putting down neighbouring turbulent tribes. The remains of the old town names Dhand still exist in the north of the town site where there are many tombs and shrines in ruins. The old part of the town was surrounded with a high wall which is now in ruins. This place is called Jhirka because of a spring from a perennial stream which originates from a number of fissures in the rocks nearby. The spring is about 4 kilometers from the town on the western side and is connected with a metalled road. This picturesque gorge has been described by Babar in his memoirs as a beautiful spot. Fairs are held here twice a year in the months of August and November.

Vision of Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021

During the decade 1961-71 the town experienced tremendous growth which was more than the average national growth rate of population. As a result of which the area within the municipal town as well as outside municipal town has been venerable to haphazard and unplanned development. Therefore, a sizeable area around municipal town of Ferozpur Jhirka had been declared as controlled areas under the Punjab Scheduled Road and Controlled Areas Restriction of Unregulated Development Act, 1963 (Punjab Act 41 of 1963) vide notification no. 10 DP-82/1708, dated the 29th January, 1982 published on 9th March, 1982.

Objective of Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021

The Draft Development Plan or Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021 has been prepared for the population of 46000 persons. The existing town covers total built up area of about 64.00 hectares which accommodates a population of 17755 persons. This area is thickly populated. The development plan proposals have been made to accommodate an additional population of approximately 28245 persons by 2021 A.D. A residential density of about 200 persons per hectare has been proposed for the residential sectors.

Detailed documentation regarding Ferozpur Jhirka’s Master Plan 2021

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Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021

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Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021

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Ferozpur Jhirka Master Plan 2021


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