Dharuhera Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Dharuhera Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve vision of Dharuhera Master Plan 2021.


Dharuhera Master Plan 2021 has been created for Dharuhera. Dharuhera, located on the junction of National Highway 8 and Palwal-Sohna-Rewari road at a distance of about 72 kilometers from Delhi, is humming up with Industrial activities. It was a sleepy village before 1975 and emerged on the industrial map of Haryana with the establishment of an industrial estate over an area of about 240 hectares. The village, earlier a part of industrially backward area declared by the central government, being nearest point to Delhi, became a magnet for industrialists.

Observing this trend, the Department of Town and Country Planning has declared the area around industrial estate, Dharuhera and primary school at village Kapriwas as controlled area and prepared a development plan (Dharuhera Master Plan 2021) for the same to ensure its planned development. At present, about 25 large and medium industrial units such as electronics, engineering, chemical paper, electrical goods are operating in the area with an employment of 7000 workers. Pasupati spinning and Weaving mill, Western Electronics, Utility engineers, Om Steel, East India Syntex, Orient Carbons, Delton cables etc. are important units functioning in the area.

Vision of Dharuhera Master Plan 2021

Keeping in view the optimum utilization of land with limited resources and to provide sufficient greenery in the form of green belt and open spaces, the town has been proposed to be developed at an overall town density of 110 persons per hectare. The total area requirement to accommodate the assigned population of 2.0 lac persons at this density comes to about 1900 Hectares. As per the Dharuhera Master Plan 2021 planning proposals envisaged in the Revised integrated Draft Development Plan an urbanizable area of about 1900 hectare is provided.

Objective of Dharuhera Master Plan 2021

Here are some salient features of the Dharuhera Master Plan 2021:

  • Existing National Highway No. 8 and Palwal-Sohna-Rewari road have been proposed as main arteries and hubs of future development.
  • Developments, already undertaken as per published plan, have been accommodated in the integrated draft development plan.
  • To have smooth flow of traffic, V-2 roads have been proposed to avoid unwanted traffic in the interior of the town.
  • Road network has been conceived in such a manner that traffic is fairly distributed throughout the complex and traffic bottlenecks are eliminated.
  • Alignments of Khurja-Palwal-Sohna-Rewari-Jhajjar railway line and V-2 road have been proposed in such a manner so that it may act as a physical barrier in the south of the town.
  • Distribution and location of land uses has been fairly balanced and logically integrated.
  • Location of district centre has been proposed keeping in view the segregation of future traffic and decongestion of roads.
  • Wholesale trade, industrial and transport zones are well amalgamated with each other as well as with major arterial roads and railway lines.

Detailed documentation regarding Dharuhera’s Master Plan 2021

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Dharuhera Master Plan 2021

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Dharuhera Master Plan 2021

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Dharuhera Master Plan 2021


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