Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031 Report, Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031 Maps

Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031 has been created for Bodhgaya. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031.


Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031 has been created for Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is a small town of international renown with immense religious and cultural significance. Bodhgaya is located in Gaya district and is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment more than 2500 years ago. Bodhgaya is located 13km from Gaya and is directly linked by road to the surrounding region. The town is linked by NH1 through NH83 (Gaya-Dobhi Road) connecting Delhi and Kolkata as well as Patna and Varanasi.

Bodhgaya is a Nagar Panchayat with an area of 19.60 sq km. It is divided into 19 wards and had a population of 30,870 (Census 2001). The gross population density of the town is 19.38 persons per hectare. The population projections have been done using the geometric progression method. Floating population is assumed to be 30% of the projected population. The projected population in 2030 is 85262.

Vision of Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031

The vision for Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031 was derived on the basis of the status assessment of the city, stakeholder consultations and focused group discussions. Participatory consultations during the visioning process concluded that there is need to revive growth and improve the overall quality of life of its citizens. The identified Vision of the Master Plan is as follows:

“To develop Bodhgaya as an international tourist destination by preserving its cultural heritage and by providing all basic infrastructure services to its citizens and tourists in an eco-friendly way”

 The identified vision forms the basis of sector-specific strategies adopted in framing the action plan.

Spatial Growth Management of Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031

Since Master Plan of this region has already been prepared and it is a legal document so details of land use distribution has been taken from Master Plan but updated base map has been prepared on the basis of various secondary data available for the analysis of direction of growth in the Bodhgaya.

Goals of Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031

  • Develop Bodhgaya as “World Buddhist Centre”
  • Creating a healthy environment.
  • To provide favorable business environment.
  • To give the high quality and sustainable environment to the citizens of BGMC by constructing new drains and missing links; align, develop and maintain existing drains.
  • Treatment of solid waste at landfill site with segregation at source.
  • Provide adequate social community infrastructural facilities.
  • Coverage of whole area by street light to make the city safe.
  • To provide fire safety service to ensure that the fire fighting department is fully equipped to cater city level fire requirement with latest machines, vehicles and trained staff.
  • Provide adequate Park and Open Spaces/ Recreational Facilities.
  • Well managed city traffic with a proper road network and bypass.
  • Develop Transparent and sustainable financial system.
  • Clear cut division of responsibilities and proper coordination among various departments.

Detailed Documentation of Bodhgaya’s Master Plan 2031

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Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031

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Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031

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Bodhgaya Master Plan 2031


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