Biharsharif Master Plan 2027 Report, Biharsharif Master Plan 2027 Map, Detailed Info

Biharsharif Master Plan 2027 has been created for Biharsharif. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Biharsharif Master Plan 2027.


Biharsharif Master Plan 2027 has been created for Biharsharif. Biharsharif, the administrative headquarters of Nalanda District, comes under the Patna Administration Division. It is famous all over the world for the ancient International Monastic University established in 5th century BC, which taught Vedas, logic, grammar, medicine, meta-physics, prose composition and rhetoric. The district has five subdivisions and 20 blocks.

It is the largest city in the district with a population of 232,071 as per the 2001 census. The municipal area of Biharsharif is about 23.50 sq km. Biharsharif is well connected with other parts of the country by road. National Highways 31 and 82 pass through the city and National Highway 110 terminates in the city. In addition to this, State Highways 5 and 6 also pass through the city. Biharsharif is well connected with Patna, Gaya and Rajgir which are further connected to various other places in India.

Vision of Biharsharif Master Plan 2027

Based on the current state assessment of the city and stakeholder consultations, focused group discussions undertaken, the vision for Biharsharif City has been derived. It is believed that over the years the growth and quality of living in the city has stagnated.

Hence, for a sustained growth of its economic base and to make the city attractive with improved quality of life, there is a need to position the city in a manner to sustain this level of growth and strengthen response mechanism of the local body. In these lines the following vision for the City has been derived.

“To establish an Education and Tourism based economy by development of institutes and infrastructure with responsive & accountable management of resources”

Based on the above mentioned vision of the City, sector-specific approach has been adopted in framing the action plan. The focus sectors are water supply; sewerage & sanitation; storm water drainage; solid waste management; roads, traffic & transportation; street lighting; urban poverty & housing; urban heritage & tourism; and urban environment & social amenities.

Growth Strategies of Biharsharif Master Plan 2027

  • To ensure accessibility of safe drinking to all on equitable basis
  • To establish an effective waste water collection, treatment and disposal system in order to promote safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere
  • To establish an effective rain water collection system thereby reducing the water logging during the monsoons and collection of the runoff for utilization during the dry seasons
  • To establish and maintain an effective and sustainable waste management practices in the city
  • To improve the condition of the roads and provide adequate, safe and user friendly public transportation system in the city
  • To make Biharsharif a “slum free city” by upgrading the service levels in the slums on par with the city.

Detailed Documentation of Biharsharif’s Master Plan 2027

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Biharsharif Master Plan 2027

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Biharsharif Master Plan 2027

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Biharsharif Master Plan 2027


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