BDA Bangalore New Housing Scheme 2016 for 3512 Flats

BDA Bangalore New Housing Scheme 2016 offering over 3512 flats ranging in size from 1BHK to 3 BHK at a number of locations across the Bangalore city.


Important Dates

BDA Bangalore New Housing Scheme 2016 scheme application starts from 28 November 2016
Scheme will close on 21 January 2017

BDA Bangalore New Housing Scheme 2016 Details

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) is focused at fulfilling Government of Karnataka mandate in providing housing for weaker and shelterless population in the city. Given the mandate of over 30,000 housing units,  BDA so far has taken up the construction of over 13,500 units across different sizes, ranging from 1 Bed-room to 3 Bed-room options with overwhelming numbers in the smaller category.Under its latest scheme, over 3512 flats are on offer at a number of locations across the city.  Locations where these flats are available are:

  • Alur Phase 1 & 2
  • Doddabanahalli Phase  1&2
  • Kaniminike Phase 1&2
  • Kommaghatta Phase 1&2
  • Malagala Phase 2 &
  • Valagerahalli Phase 5

Majority of the flats are in 2BHK category, followed by 1BHK and 3BHK.
Detailed break-up of available flats in various sizes and localities is as given below:

Name of the ProjectType of FlatsNo. of available FlatsBuilt-up AreaProposed Allotment Rates (Rs. in Lakhs)Initial Deposit to be Paid with Application (In Rs.)
EWS Backward Category 2A, 2B & GeneralEWS SC/ST/Category -1EWS Backward Category- 2A, 2B & GeneralEWS SC/ST/ Category -1
Alur Phase -11BHK (EWS)368475 Sq. Ft8.256.251,03,12531,000

1BHK, 2BHK & 3BHK Residential Flats – for Applicants with No Income Ceiling (General)

Name of the ProjectType of FlatsNo. of Available FlatsBuilt-up AreaProposed Allotment Rates

(Rs. In Lakhs)

Initial Deposit to be Paid with

Application (In Rs.)

General SC/ST/Category-1Backward Class 2A, 2B

and General

SC/ST/Category -1
Kommaghatta Phase -12BHK175830 Sq. Ft25.003,12,5001,25,000
Doddabanahalli Phase-12BHK178830 Sq. Ft25.003,12,5001,25,000
Doddabanahalli Phase-22BHK342830 Sq. Ft25.003,12,5001,25,000
Alur Phase-11BHK129475 Sq. Ft11.001,37,50055,000
Kaniminike Phase -43BHK1081430 Sq. Ft40.005,00,0002,35,000
Alur Phase – 2 Type -13BHK1041723 Sq. Ft50.006,25,0002,50,000
Alur Phase • 2 Type – 22BHK961,018 Sq. Ft30.003,75„0001,50,000
Alur Phase – 2 Type – 32BHK2521,443 Sq. Ft42.005,25,0002,10,000
Kaniminike Phase -22BHK560870 Sq. Ft25.003,12,5001,25,000
Kaniminike Phase – 32BHK2881,060 Sq. Ft30.003,75,0001,50,000
Kommaghatta Phase – 22BHK3201,060 Sq. Ft32.004,00,0001,60,000
Malagala Phase -22BHK3601,150 Sq. Ft40.005,00,0002,00,000
Valagerahalli Phase – 53BHK2321430 Sq. Ft45.005,62,5002,25,000
Total Number of Flats3512 Flats

How to apply for the BDA Bangalore New Housing Scheme?

The BDA Bangalore new housing scheme 2016 offering over 3512 flats starts from November 28 and following the launch, applications forms for allotment of flats will be available.  Applicants can register themselves for the scheme on submitting completed application together with the registration money at the associated banks.  The banks will acknowledge the receipt of application by giving Registration Slip. Those who registered themselves under the old scheme and are still registered for allotment of flats are not required to register again. Instead, they can submit the application for the new housing scheme using the old registration card for submission of applications.

Amount required to be deposited under various heads, favouring Commissioner, BDA, Bangalore are as follows:

Rs. 100 for SC/ST | Rs. 200 for others

Application fee
Rs. 200 for SC/ST | Rs. 400 for others

Additionally, initial deposit as per the location and size of the flats is payable via DD/Pay Order/Banker’s Cheque, as per details given above.

Registration and application forms are available with select branches of Canara Bank, Corporation Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of Mysore.

Who is eligible for this scheme?

Broadly, the following is the eligibility criteria for registration and application.

  • A person must be of minimum 18 years of age to be eligible to register.
  • EWS flats can only be given to those with an annual income of Rs. 1 lakh or below.
  • No income limits for other category of flats
  • A person must be domiciled in the state of Karnataka for a minimum period of 5 years.
  • Domicile/living in the state tenure is reduced for those in All India Services but presently working in Karnataka for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Immediate family members may not own a site/house or have been allotted one under any of the schemes.

There is a reservation of  number of flats under different category of residents and the same will apply to all registrants as per their category declared and verified. More details about BDA Bangalore New Housing Scheme 2016 can be found at the links provided below.

Important Links

BDA Official Webite  |  Scheme Advertisement


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