Batala Master Plan 2031

Batala Master Plan 2031 has been created for Batala district. The objective of the Batala Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial land use planning framework to achieve the Vision of LPA, Batala.


Batala Master Plan 2031 has been created for Batala district. LPA Batala forms a part of Gurdaspur district, which is one of the four border districts of Punjab sharing border with Pakistan. The other three are namely Amritsar, Tarn Taran and Ferozepur. It is surrounded by Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Chamba and Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh in the north-east, Hoshiarpur district in the south-east, Kapurthala district in the south, Amritsar district in the south and south-west, and Pakistan in its north-west. The Chakki streams separates the Gurdaspur district from the Kangra district on the east and the Beas River separates it from the Hoshiarpur district in the south- east and Kapurthala district in the south .Gurdaspur district due to its alluvial soil gain revenue mostly because of agro-based activities. A Portion of the district is also situated beyond the River Ravi.

Batala is one of the important industrial cities of the Gurdaspur district. The city has very good linkages in terms of Road and Railway. It is situated on the Amritsar-Pathankot Road (NH-15). This road links the city to metropolis of Amritsar in south-west direction, and Gurdaspur and Pathankot in the north-east direction. Moreover, it is linked with Jalandhar on the south, Fatehgarh Churian on the west, Dera Baba Nanak in the north-west, Gurdaspur on north-east, Qadian on the east and Sri Hargobindpur on south at a distance of 75 km, 26 km, 29 km, 19 km, 20 km and 32 km respectively.

Batala Master Plan 2031 LPA

The Local Planning Area of Batala comprises of 78 villages and one urban settlement i.e. Batala Municipal Council. Apart from these, 11 villages fall partially within the municipal limits. The Local Planning Area was notified under section u/s 56(i) of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act 1995 (amended 2006) vide notification number 12/5/2007-4HG1/7569, dated 18th September,2007. The Chief Town Planner, Punjab has been designated as the Planning Agency u/s 57 of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995(amended 2006) vide notification number 12/5/2007-4HG1/7575,dated 18th September 2007.

The total area of Batala LPA is 16588 hectare , out of which 3276 hectares falls within the Municipal Council, Batala. The total population of Batala LPA is 230863 persons, out of which population of Batala Municipal Council is 1, 25, 677, while that of Batala Urban Agglomeration is 1, 47,872. From hereafter, the population for Batala Municipal Council in report is taken as that mentioned for Batala Urban Agglomeration, i.e. 1, 47,872, unless otherwise specified.

Vision Batala Master Plan 2031

Batala to be developed as Industrial Hub and model Industrial centre providing employment and quality living to all its existing and future residents, irrespective of the caste, creed, gender, economical and social status, including poorest of poor.

  • The quality living in the town to be achieved through
  •  Ensured higher order of better urban governance
  •  High degree of operational efficiency
  •  Higher order of economic productivity
  •  Ensured environmental sustainability
  •  Reduced vehicular and industrial pollution
  •  Rationalized land use pattern
  •  Decongested core areas
  •  Assured quality of higher order of infrastructure and services
  •  Improving traffic and transportation
  •  Assured safety of residents and communities
  • Gurdaspur to be culturally, socially and economically vibrant where
  •  Every individual has gainful employment.
  •  Where each family has access to all basic amenities of life and
  •  Where each community is self-contained and self-sustained.

The objective of the Batala Master Plan 2031 is to create enabling spatial and Land Use Planning framework to achieve the Vision of Batala LPA. More specifically following are the objectives of Batala Master Plan 2031.

  • To make Batala city as the most vibrant economic centre to promote the balanced regional growth.
  • To make land allocation in an environmentally benign fashion.
  • To minimize haphazard, unplanned and sub-standard growth and development of the city and to achieve planned growth to create healthy environment.
  • To effectively manage the traffic and transportation within the city through the mechanism of rationalizing the land use pattern defined in the master plan.
  • To make land available for public purposes.
  • To minimize travel within the city by creating self -contained and self sufficient communities
  • Adequate parking spaces to be created in the town as an integral part of commercial, industrial and institutional planning and development process.
  • To rationalize the distribution of physical and social infrastructure in order to ensure appropriate quality of life to all the residents of the city.
  • To identify man-made and natural heritage and to make heritage conservation as integral part of the city planning and development process.
  • Rationalizing and redefining existing land use and development pattern of the city.
  • Rationalizing the existing land use pattern through a well defined system of land uses , zoning regulations and development controls.
  • Minimizing haphazard and unplanned growth through a well defined land use pattern.
  • Promoting future growth of the city based on the principle of allocation of land uses and principle of clustering.
  • Adopting a strategy of compact development based on phasing in order to optimize the available land resource and minimizing the cost of infrastructure.
  • Adopting well defined and stratified density pattern for different residential areas with highest density allocated in the core and minimum density in the periphery of the city.
  • Leveraging the potential of existing and proposed industrial zones.
  • Rationalizing the traffic and transportation network within the planning area in order to minimize the conflict between inter and intra city traffic.
  • Minimizing concentration of public amenities and services, and promoting equitable distribution in the planning area through well defined norms.

Detailed documentation regarding Batala’s Master Plan 2031

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Batala Master Plan 2031

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Batala Master Plan 2031

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Batala Master Plan 2031


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