Bareilly Master Plan 2021

Bareilly Master Plan 2021 has been created for Bareilly District. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Bareilly Master Plan 2021.


Bareilly Master Plan 2021 has been created for Bareilly District. Bareilly is a city in North India and is classified as Class I town. It is the centre for the manufacturing of furniture and for trade in cotton, cereal and sugar. The city is administrative headquarter to Bareilly district and Bareilly division. Bareilly is also known as the counter-magnet city because it is equidistant from New Delhi and Lucknow and has a lot of potential for setting up industries to attract people to settle. Bareilly is the 4th city of Uttar Pradesh which has CNG fuel stations, after Lucknow, Kanpur and Agra. Bareilly is the 7th largest city of Uttar Pradesh and 50th largest city of India. Bareilly Nagar Nigam (BNN) is the administrative body headed by the mayor of the city. The city is divided into 23 wards, each with a ward corporator. Bareilly district belongs to the state Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Its capital is Bareilly city and it is divided in six administrative division or tehsils: Aonla, Baheri, Bareilly city, Faridpur, Mirganj, and Nawabganj.

Bareilly is located at 28°10′N latitude and 78°23′E longitude and lies in northern India. On its eastern border are Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur and Rampur on the west, Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand) in North and Badaun in South. It is level terrain, watered by many streams and generally slopes towards the south. Bareilly is 4th largest city standing on river ramganga and it is capital of rohilkhand division. The city population in 2011 was 8, 98,167. Geographically it forms the gateway to entre uttarakhand state. The main “Inter-city Satellite Bus Stand” is located just outside the city on the intersection of National Highway 24 and Pilibhit By-pass Road. NH 24 connects Bareilly to Lucknow on one side and New Delhi to another side. Bareilly was a prominent railway junction during the 20th century; it connects the city to the rest of the country. Six railway tracks intersect in the city.

Bareilly Master Plan 2021 LPA

Bareilly development/planning area recognized on 1st November, 1971 under the Uttar Pradesh Nirman act, 1958. The development area includes the Bareilly Nagar Nigam and the surrounding 198 revenue villages. Later the Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) formulated on 19th April, 1977 to regulate and develop the planning area. The first Bareilly Master Plan (1971 – 1996) was prepared and approved on 29th August 1978. BDA extended its area by inculcating the surrounding 66 revenue villages in May 2008. The population of development area is 9.10 lakh in 2001 and the estimated population by 2021 will be 14.21 lakh. Hence the Bareilly Master plan 2021 is prepared with the needs and requirements of this period.

As per the Bareilly master plan 2021, the land allocated for residential use has been increased by 3510 Hectares (2001-21), more than twice to that of area proposed in 2001, due to the upcoming residential layouts and increasing demand for better housing and increased economic activities. Commercial land use increased by 603.2 Hectares due to increased inhabitants and tourists needs. The role of burial grounds and sewer treatment farms has been identified and the land allocated for this use in the category of others is 857.95 Hectares which was absent in 2001. Even for the transportation sector the land allocated in 2021 was increased by 773.65 Hectares with respect to proposed area of 1009 Hectares  in 2001.The classification of Railway used in 2001 master plan is removed and the land uses under it are incorporated into respective categories.

Vision of Bareilly Master Plan 2021

The objective of the Bareilly Master Plan 2021 is to create enabling spatial and land use planning framework to achieve the Vision of Bareilly in order to promote, guide and rationalize.  The future growth and development of the urban centers is defined by the Master Plan/Development Plans which are evolved for each settlement at individual level. Bareilly Master Plan 2021 has been considered as one of the most effective mechanism to promote planned growth of the urban centers. It lays down the road map, agenda and framework within which the city growth is envisioned. It provides a tool for the authorities to take decision with regard to current and future development related issues.

Bareilly Master Plan 2021 provides the framework for rationalizing the orderly movement of traffic and transportation within the city and defines the area for laying down network of various services. The plan is used for promoting integrated development of the urban centre by rationalizing its pattern of land use and their inter-relationship. It also defines the strategies and solutions for overcoming the existing problems of the urban centers and to overcome its infrastructural and service related inadequacies. In addition, it provides options for accommodating the future addition to population which is likely to come to the urban centre due to natural growth and migration. Master Plan acts as a tool for determining the infrastructure cost which would be required to make the city sustainable. The plans offer futuristic solutions by laying down agenda for its growth and development.

Objectives of Bareilly Master Plan 2021

More specifically following are the objectives of Bareilly Master Plan 2021:

  • To make Bareilly District as the most vibrant economic centre to promote the balanced regional growth.
  • To make land allocation in an environmentally benign fashion.
  • To minimize haphazard, unplanned, and sub-standard growth and development of the town and to achieve planned growth to create healthy environment.
  • To effectively manage the traffic and transportation within the town through the mechanism of rationalizing the land use pattern defined in the Master Plan.
  • To make land available for public purposes.
  • To minimize travel within the town by creating self contained and self sufficient communities.
  • Adequate parking spaces to be created in the town as an integral part of commercial, industrial, and institutional planning and development process.
  • To strengthen the basic infrastructure favorable for petroleum, chemical & petrochemical investment region and agro based industries.
  • To rationalize the distribution of physical and social infrastructure in order to ensure appropriate quality of life to all the residents of the city.
  • To identify man-made and natural heritage and to make heritage conservation as integral part of the city planning and development process.
  • Ensure equitable distribution of resources environmental, economic and social.
  • Ensure a conducive environment to work.
  • Introduce a total business environment.

Detailed documentation regarding Bareilly’s Master Plan 2021

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Bareilly Master Plan 2021

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Bareilly Master Plan 2021

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Bareilly Master Plan 2021


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