Agartala Master Plan Report, Agartala Master Plan Maps & Detailed Info

Agartala Master Plan has been created for Agartala. The land use structure has been explained on the basis of Agartala Master Plan.


Agartala Master Plan has been created for Agartala. Agartala is the capital city of Tripura. Being the seat of administrative power, it is the center of administrative, economic and political activities. The city has several strengths. The strengths related to the sectors include location and regional linkage, tourism, trade and commerce, traditional arts and crafts and state reforms. Being the capital of the state, Agartala is the main administrative, center of Tripura. National Highway 44 connects Agartala to Assam and rest of India by road. Agartala is also connected by air. National highway 44 has been extended to south, thus improving the road connectivity between Agartala & south Tripura.

Vision of Agartala Master Plan

Vision Statements Emerging from Consultations making Agartala

‘Gateway to North East India, eco-friendly, green city and environmentally sustainable where people want to live, visit and invest’ through:


  • Provision of basic infrastructure and urban services for all, towards achieving improved quality of life by 2021
  • Develop all the water bodies and increase the green coverage of Agartala.
  • Improve educational achievements for all the citizens.
  • Alleviate poverty and improve living conditions and health

This was the collective vision that the various stakeholders, the elected representatives, the communities etc had for the city of Agartala. The improved quality of life also meant the protection of the city residents from the imminent threats due to the vulnerability to recurrent floods.

Goals of Agartala Master Plan

  • To ensure access to drinking and safe water supply to all
  • Towards coverage of the densely populated pockets of the city with an underground sewerage system and promote environmentally safe sanitation practices for treatment of wastewater
  • To achieve environmentally sustainable waste management practices
  • To improve operational efficiencies of the present network, develop new roads for decongestion of the city core and development of a core road network to facilitate development in the northern part of the city
  • To promote a healthy, clean environment with emphasis on creation of a safe and livable city, with adequate provisions of recreation and green spaces
  • To provide access to housing and basic infrastructure
  • To create diversified economic base
  • To achieve a coherent urban form with adequate open and green space, high standards of infrastructure and effective land management
  • To promote a city managed with pro-active institutions and capable staff
  • To achieve a city that is a model for urban finance management

Detailed Documentation of Agartala’s Master Plan

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Agartala Master Plan

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Agartala Master Plan

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Agartala Master Plan


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