About Us

Low Cost Housing has been launched with a keen focus on low cost housing in India. We aspire to be one stop shop that curates and provides information on low cost housing in specific and housing scenario in India in general.

We intend to provide information on a variety of topics when it comes to housing – be it be launch of new schemes and projects, housing news in general, events and updates that add value to our website users.

Low cost housing in India is a relatively a new concept and still in its infancy. However, the information and resources regarding the sector is scattered. We intend to index all relevant pieces of information regarding low cost housing in India and bring them to you via our website www.lowcosthousing.online.

Keep visiting us for latest news, views and reviews so that you can make informed decisions regarding housing alternatives that are presenting themselves in India.

We have a section on forums for interactive chats with fellow home seekers. We encourage you to use that for useful discussions and information sharing. We also encourage you to comment on the articles carried so that we can gain from your experiences as well.

We will love to hear from you. Keep on giving feedback to us on the kind of additional content that you seek on our website so that we can bring that on board for your and other users’ benefit. Your participation will go a long was in making this platform more robust when it comes to low cost housing in India specifically and other housing areas in general.